Goal with the flow...

How do you expect your life to expand if you aren't willing to put in extra time, money and effort. This past year I've played a lot with making space for my future.


I opened Health Resonates about a year and a half ago as a one room wellness center. I needed a space to store my extra furniture and massage therapy equipment. I found an office space right up the street that was a few hundred dollars a month. It was prefect. I could set up my extra stuff as an office and make a little extra money in my free time. At the time I was working two part time massage therapy jobs that where paying the bills but at the end of the day not very satisfying. I went ahead and started Health Resonates really as a hobby and distraction.

Clients where loving my space. People where drawn to it because I was passionate about it and it reflected my visions and style. Within a few months I dropped one of my part time gigs to make more time for Health Resonates. 

A little less then a year ago I was given an opportunity to make more growth for my business. I found the perfect office that would take my one room wellness center into an actual spa. 

At the time my business wasn't costing me anything and I realized to make it into something worth my time and efforts I needed to take the risk of bigger payments and dedicate more time to the business. I went for it. 

I went all in with this new space, while still renting my current space. Left my part time massage gig and risked all my savings on this idea I was going to make happen. The moment it started coming together for real was when I began talking about my thoughts and ideas openly with friends and family. Everything just started to fall into place. I started to meet and find out about others looking for a new wellness space to work out of.  

What experience does a twenty something year old have to running a business?

IMG_7049 2.jpg

It really was less of a choice and more of a realization. I realized even though it is super scary to cut out income from other jobs, it was so important for me to dedicate my time to my current goal. This also was a risk  I was taking, if the business didn't work I wouldn't have a fall back. I had to make this happen. I was putting all my eggs in one basket, myself. 

Sharing this story with you is to show that the time is now.

I am a twenty something year old with not a ton of experience, but I also don't have much riding on my success other then my pride. We have so many learning tools at our fingertips and we can truly figure anything out if we put our minds to it.

This time last year my life, goals and dreams where so completely different. As things came up, instead of saying, "Thats not what I have in mind." I looked into them and myself and decided if they were worth going with.

Make space for your future and it will become your present. 


Tara Evelyn Cavanagh