In an empowerment coaching session with Sarah you'll be asked questions, offered tools and given a chance to clear things that are sticking you. With these tools she empowers you to tune into what you know. What if you are the expert on you? What if you know more than you think you do? Every session is unique because every being is different. What would create the greatest change for you? And what if there truly was nothing wrong with you?   


Do you include your body in your healing journey?  Or do you judge the heck out of it and wonder why you feel so awful? This session could be the kickstart of nurturing and caring  your body has been asking for.

2 hour session, 45 Min Intuitive Massage, 30 Min Access™ Bars Session, 30 Min Empowerment Coaching using the tools of Access Consciousness.


The Access Consciousness Bars™, is a gentle hands on body process where points on your head are lightly touched helping the body to relax, allows your brain waves to slow down and allows your body to receive.  Would you like to reduce your stress, get out of the constant adrenaline pump and fight or flight state most of us live in and have more peace and ease in your life? Consider getting your Bars run! 

Polarity Therapy

Using pressure points and define energy to stimulate and release your internal energy allowing you to become spiritually, mentally and physically centered.

Reiki Healing

During a session, a triad is formed between the Healer, Receiver + Reiki Energy creating profound capacity to the healing of our physical, emotional, mental + spiritual bodies. In a Reiki Healing session, the Healer serves as a nurturing conduit, channeling Reiki energy, while supporting healing of the Be-ing as a whole.  She is instinctually tuned into the energetic needs of the Receiver + lovingly aides the body in releasing blockages + toxins that no longer serve as energy centers (chakras) are realigned + a sense of balance is reinstated.  Book now!