WELCOME to the deep healing and rich tradition that Chinese medicine offers you, whether you want to be free from pain, need support through a difficult transition or major illness, or strive for optimal health.

While a sense of well-being is available to each of us, everyday stress or a serious medical diagnosis can make you feel as if you've fallen out of alignment with your innate sense of health.

The tools of Chinese medicine, combined with the precision of Classical Chinese medicine, can help you restore your good health and reclaim your balance.

At HS-ACUPUNCTURE, you receive:

  • Thoughtfulcaring and effective acupuncture treatments, including herbs, tuina, moxa, and lifestyle suggestions regarding diet and exercise;
  • Personalized treatment, quality care and clear communication about how Chinese medicine can best serve your health needs and life goals.

To book with Heather, visit her website or text in for an appointment at (207)266-8633.